Second Stride, Inc.

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Based just outside Louisville, Kentucky, Second Stride provides professional rehabilitation, retraining and placement of retired thoroughbred racehorses. Since 2005, Second Stride has served over 1,200 horses and, in 2020, we placed 125 horses with adopters in 20 different states. The program specializes in giving retired thoroughbreds the care and quality training they need to succeed in something new. Second Stride is comprised of horsemen and business professionals who are active in other areas of the racing industry: owners, partnership managers, handicappers, trainers, veterinarians, racetrack executives and not for profit specialists. We are working to improve racing from within, and know from first hand experience how many people may have the desire to retire a horse safely, but at times find that difficult to do. Thank you for helping retiring racehorses find their second stride!

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