Charitybuzz is the world’s leading impact marketplace for once-in-a-lifetime experiences, exclusive items and unmatched access. Through our premier auction platform, upscale shopping experience and concierge business, Charitybuzz has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for cause.
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By taking the admin and labor off of their hands, nonprofits have the chance to focus on deeper relationship building, which can often lead to raising even more money once an auction closes and new connections are made.
Thanks to the direction and strategic calendar provided by Charitybuzz, we push ourselves to obtain auction items in new genres and ultimately increase our budget numbers throughout the year.
As our 2020 Man + Woman Of The Year campaign kicked off, COVID-19 did as well. With Charitybuzz' guidance, we were able to quickly pivot and focus our efforts on new ideas like virtual experiences. In the end, we actually had our best ever year on Charitybuzz' platform, grossing $1.2 million for leukemia and lymphoma research.
Our partnership with Charitybuzz lifts up our chapters, providing them with meaningful funding to support their efforts of empowering kids with character building programs. Proceeds from this auction will enable them to maintain safe programs and provide quality coaches who mentor and lift up our kids and teens.
[Charitybuzz] offers the opportunity to make your auction virtual and expose it to a new set of donors looking for extraordinary experiences.
Engaged Customers
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We make launching auctions easy
Kickoff Call
Over a quick call, our team will connect with you to understand your fundraising needs and explain how our platform will help you seamlessly achieve your objectives.
Optimization and Marketing
Auction packages are submitted through our online donation portal. Our personalized marketing approach ensures donations are placed in front of targeted, highly-engaged bidders.
Our team works its magic and creates a preview link in 2-3 business days. Once approved, you’re all set. Sit back and watch the bidding begin!
We provide full-service assistance. Our customer service team supports the scheduling and fulfillment of experiences, as well as logistics of shipping physical items.
See results fast. Once the funds are settled, you’re paid within 30 business days.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How many items do I need to launch an auction?

    There's no threshold on the amount of items you need to launch an auction - the key is quality over quantity. Our team will advise you on the best campaign strategy for your specific fundraising goals.

  • Does Charitybuzz charge partners an upfront fee to host an auction?

    There are no upfront costs or fees to host an auction with Charitybuzz. We charge a percentage-based fee at the close of a successful auction to ensure a no-risk solution to your fundraising efforts.

  • What percentage of funds raised goes to the nonprofit?

    80% of the net funds raised is remitted to the charitable beneficiary unless noted otherwise on the individual lot page.

  • Does Charitybuzz procure the auction items for me?

    Charitybuzz does not procure high-end items or experiences. Our team of auction experts is here to help you make the most of your fundraising efforts by providing you with best practices, helpful hints, and key tools to unlock the full potential of your network. We will guide your donation requests to ensure your packages appeal to our community of bidders.

  • Are there any items Charitybuzz will not take?

    Charitybuzz only seeks to offer exclusive items and experiences that we are confident will resonate with our audience of affluent bidders. We have a threshold of $1,000 minimum estimated value for any item or experience. Our success as a platform comes from this curation, guaranteeing quality control over items and experiences offered and ensuring every auction has the potential to thrive. We review donations on a case-by-case basis to determine the best auction strategy.

  • What happens if the item/experience doesn’t sell?

    There are no penalties or fees for a lot that closes with no bids. We can always re-post it in the future.

  • Can international organizations become a Charitybuzz partner?

    Yes, however, we recommend that all international nonprofits review their country’s fundraising laws to ensure you’re eligible to engage in auctions as a tool for fundraising.