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In an increasingly fragmented world, pop culture is a universal language through which we can build connections. The Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) creates both a physical space and an intellectual and emotional opportunity for people from every background to explore, find community, and recognize their own creative potential. With the help of our supporters, we offer experiences that catalyze living a creatively inspired life. Please help us celebrate pop culture and use it to imagine what’s possible.

Mission Statement: The Museum of Pop Culture’s mission is to make creative expression a life-changing force by offering experiences that inspire and connect our communities.

MoPOP’s Guiding Principles:

Open arms: We practice radical hospitality and equitable access.

Creative exchanges: We create space for community voices and collaborations.

Light bulb moments: We use pop culture as a catalyst for learning, connecting, and creating.

Pursuing excellence: We believe integrity, innovation, and hard work lead to amazing things.

Excitement: We value the thrill that comes from experiencing creativity together.

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