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Lizzo's Juneteenth Auction

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Over the last few weeks, the world took to the streets after the senseless death of George Floyd. We all watched as Minneapolis shook the world and I knew I had to do something to help the city that I love and started my career in. Protest has many lanes. I’ve been listening and educating myself on the ways someone in my position can help bring equality and justice for my community.

I found grassroots black organizations that need to be lifted up and funded. Black Church Food Security Network, Minneapolis Sanctuary Hotel, and Black Women Speak are doing the real work on the frontlines of progress.

Calling on a few of my favorite artists Missy Elliott, Janelle Monae and Tracee Ellis Ross, these extraordinary women were able to donate priceless costumes and incredible products. The black fine artists featured, Jan Gatewood and Kezia, are making bold moves in the art world and deserve to be valued. I’ve also included some of my own personal favorite items as well.

We have experienced a long history of being devalued and having our businesses destroyed and deprived of true economic support. Let’s give back by supporting black art and putting value into black creators and workers!

Your donation supports: Black Women Speak, Minneapolis Sanctuary Hotel, Black Church Food Security Network, and HeadCount.

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