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The Inspiring Children Foundation helps at-risk youth go from survive to thrive by providing them with mental health tools, mentoring, education, mindfulness, entrepreneurial skills, sports, and project-driven learning. Youth discover the confidence that comes from self-sufficiency and making the right choices.

Additional Info: Inspiring Children provides healing and critical life skills — building peace of mind and mental strength in youth who struggle with financial hardship, trauma, anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation. We do this using Jewel’s mindfulness curriculum she developed while homeless. The Foundation's goal is to revolutionize youth development by providing an ideal model of education in underserved communities.

Graduates have received scholarships to schools such as Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Georgetown, Villanova, Annapolis, West Point, Wharton, Brown, UCLA amongst many others. More importantly, they develop a healthy and happy mindset, and are equipped to live a meaningful and fulfilling life, by helping other children in their community who face the same challenges they overcame.

"Woz and I are deeply grateful for your generous support of these beautiful children." — Janet Wozniak

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