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Our Coupons Care, Inc. uses "Extreme Couponing" to provide food and necessary items to local homeless shelters. I began a couponing project for the homeless over four years ago when I saw on the news that people in my community were having problems feeding their families. Initially, I used $500 of my babysitting money to provide school supplies and food to the shelter. I realized that my ability to provide for these families outstripped my ability to earn money babysitting. Thanks to generous donors, and CharityBuzz Auctions, Our Coupons Cares has raised money to donate over 30,000 items worth more than $154,000 to various locations! Our Coupons Care was the proud recipient of one of the 2015 Stephan J. Brady Stop Hunger Regional Honorees’ grants and the 2016 Stop Hunger Stephen J. Brady Scholarship, and 2019 Stephan J. Brady Stop Hunger Regional Honorees’ grants, and was recently honored in the 115th Congress Congressional Record.

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