Children's Dream Foundation

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Since 1992, the Children’s Dream Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has provided grants to healthcare organizations in the Hudson Valley, NY, to improve pediatric health care. CDF is the only organization in that region specifically working to advance emergency pediatric care. CDF provides grants in three main areas:

Pediatric Treatment Facilities and Equipment. As demand for emergency facilities has risen, CDF has supported area hospitals by donating pediatric treatment areas and specialized equipment that is properly sized for babies and children.

Training for Medical Personnel. To save the lives of children in life-threatening emergencies, CDF makes grants for training equipment and training sessions for medical personnel and first responders.

Preventative Care. CDF believes that good preventive care is the best way to give the consistent care that keeps children from visiting emergency rooms. Grants are given to community healthcare centers for crucial healthcare programs.

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