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Bunker Hill Charities is an Illinois Nonprofit Corporation founded on October 14, 2015 to affect societal change and improve the quality of living for Northwestern Illinois communities and neighboring areas. It is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. These needs are addressed through funding, volunteer coordination and building relationships between the various charitable organizations and resources serving the local community. These partner organizations are Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3) organizations with an impactful mission and programs for the community that address a specific need researched by Bunker Hill Farms.

Bunker Hill Charities invests time, talent and funding that affect social change and supports the cultivation of healthier communities through providing assistance to educational and mentoring organizations, promoting independence and wellness for all ages, and serving the underprivileged.

The vision is to be a significant community funder of the health and human services, yet does not limit the scope of influence to just these areas of need. The Charity is a change agent, efficient fundraiser, and a community resource and hub. The Charity partners with diverse individuals and corporations, and invests in proven programs and agencies by impacting societal change by helping people of all ages develop, grow, succeed, and learn. The Charity supports mentoring, character development, and education while promoting independence, financial stability, and ensures safety and well-being for all. The Charity provides information, referrals and assistance to support healthy and vital individuals and communities in Northwestern Illinois. While local efforts are at the forefront of the efforts, the Charity will not limit its service or contributions to just this region should a need arise in the future.

In 2015, over $150,000 was raised for Chicagoland charitable organizations through live auction golf experiences, and a private mud run. In 2014 the private concert raised over $70,000 for the United Way of McHenry County. The mud run supports health and wellness initiatives and programs, and beneficiaries of this event have been the only un-insured and under-insured clinic in McHenry County, a local YMCA, and a therapy center serving all ages.

Bunker Hill Charities supports a variety of agencies such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters of McHenry County, Gigi's Playhouse, JDRF Chicago, Clearbrook, Misericordia, and the One Acre Fund.

The charity has a strong commitment to the next generation by providing character development education and mentorship as an investor and collaborative partner to Lift up America and the Ambassadors of Compassion initiatives. Additionally, Bunker Hill Charities is a significant contributor to a high school entrepreneurship incubator program. This incubator initiative not only fosters and recognizes innovative educational models but also utilizes community leaders and business owners to become coaches and mentors to teach and guide students.

“The United Way of Greater McHenry County is proud to work with Bunker Hills Charities to make positive contributions to McHenry County. The financial contributions from Bunker Hill Charities to our United Way have helped us to fund programs that help 1 in 3 McHenry County residents on an annual basis. From children to senior citizens, these programs improve the lives of our friends and neighbors locally here in our county. The United Way of Greater McHenry County values our relationship with Bunker Hills Charities.” ~Steve Otten, Executive Director of the United Way of McHenry County

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