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Benefiting Jewel's Inspiring Children Foundation

Co-created by Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Jewel, along with Ryan Wolfington & Marty Hennessy, The Inspiring Children Foundation and Never Broken program has been empowering children struggling with financial hardship, anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation for over 18 years by giving them the ultimate environment to survive, then thrive at the highest levels.

With teenage suicide up 70%, anxiety and depression doubling, the Foundation is perfectly positioned to help solve for the present day mental health challenges due to COVID-19. The program arms at-risk youth with everything they need to be physically, emotionally and mentally healthy in a fun and inspirational way, both online and in person. This ecosystem of excellence includes; emotional intelligence, SEL, mindfulness/meditation, DBT, Trauma treatment, group counseling and mentoring, leadership development, entrepreneur skills, nutrition, yoga, tennis, sleep science, and academics.

80% of operations are run by the youth, including the Foundation’s free online mental health tools located on and their channel. Children gain know-how, an understanding of themselves, and confidence by earning their way in the real life “project driven learning” program. The young leaders have been so academically, athletically and personally developed that 95% have been offered scholarships and admissions into the best colleges in the world including: Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Georgetown, Penn-Wharton, Brown, Dartmouth, Williams, Columbia, Naval Academy, USC, Vanderbilt and 100 more. Most importantly these children are being armed with a “psychology for life” that helps them to generate their own peace of mind and contentment as self-actualized leaders.

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