Treehouse Shakers

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Treehouse Shakers’ creates original, dynamic and high-quality performance work for young audiences. Founded in 1997, we remain committed to ensuring that young people have access to experience artistic and elevated work, that continues to encourage multi-generational audiences to experience a greater connection to their community. Melding dance, music and interactive visual elements with a script, our repertoire includes 20 works that explore narrative styles through universal themes addressing every age level within youth programming, from babies to teens.

As one of New York’s only dance theater companies creating original work for young audiences, our goal is to provide inventive, intelligent and engaging performances that nurture creative thought and inspire dialogue. With each new work, we set the bar higher, challenging our artistic process and the thinking of young audiences. Increasing the reach of our work, we tour nationally and partner with local schools and non-profits to provide thousands of low-cost and free tickets to underserved youth and families. Helping solidify our role in the American theater, we were the first U.S. company to tour a dance-play specifically for babies, and remain a leader in creating work for the very early years. Complimenting performances, Treehouse Shakers also provides teacher trainings, public workshops and educational residencies that focus on the art of storytelling through dance, theater, music, puppetry and writing.

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