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Shark Research Institute


Shark Research Institute (SRI), a multi-disciplinary scientific and conservation international organization, strives to protect sharks and other marine species, encourages stewardship of the ocean, and empowers divers, fishermen, surfers, and swimmers to protect our oceans.

For nearly 25 years, SRI has successfully advocated for protection of marine species at national and international forums such as the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

Armed with peer-reviewed scientific data, SRI raises awareness and educates people about the critical role of sharks to a healthy ocean, and their immense economic value as living natural resources, and show what they, too, can do to protect the ocean.

SRI also maintains the Global Shark Accident File for the medical community, shark behaviorists and marine biologists, the media and everyone who uses the ocean for recreation. Reports of all incidents are available online and aid in both dispelling the negative image of sharks, and showing how these rare unwanted interactions may be avoided.

Current projects include visual and satellite tracking of sharks, behavioral and DNA studies of sharks, environmental advocacy, publications and outreach programs to schools and the surfing and diving communities.

NOTE: Winning bidders may claim a charitable contribution deduction from US federal income taxes for the excess of the price paid for an item over its fair market value.

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