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People's Theatre Project

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Rooted in Upper Manhattan, People's Theatre Project (PTP) is a social justice arts organization that creates ensemble-based theatre with and for immigrant communities to develop the next generation of diverse, socially-engaged artists and leaders.

People's Theatre Project’s core programming includes: PTP Partnerships, which provide K–12 students the experience of devising theatre in their school environments; the PTP Academy, which offers dedicated young people a rigorous and supportive multi-year arts & social justice training program; and the PTP Company, which offers young people and all New Yorkers access to professionally-produced devised theatre. Through this programmatic cycle, PTP participants deepen their sense of power, strengthen their connection to community, and develop the skills to become the next generation of creative, collaborative and compassionate civic artists.

For over 40 years, The Miranda Family has championed community activism. They have created and supported institutions that have served both underserved populations in Upper Manhattan and communities throughout New York City, across the country, and in Puerto Rico. Luis A. Miranda, Jr. and Dr. Luz Towns-Miranda are proud parents to Luz Miranda-Crespo and Lin-Manuel Miranda. While growing up they saw their parents make a difference through local government and community service.

Now as adults, Luz Miranda-Crespo acts as Chief Financial Officer to several family-owned companies. Lin-Manuel Miranda is a critically-acclaimed composer and actor. Both are now married (Lin-Manuel to his wife, Vanessa Nadal, and Luz to her husband, Luis Crespo) with children of their own. They continue to foster the family’s commitment to advocacy for education, the arts and social justice - along with a sustained focus on relief and rebuilding efforts in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

To see how Lin-Manuel Miranda and his family cleaned up a Washington Heights neighborhood park with the help of People’s Theatre Project, click here.

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