Fondazione Marco Simoncelli Onlus

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The Marco Simoncelli Foundation was started in December 2011, from the idea of our friend and Marco's former manager, Carlo Pernat. We commenced our work, taking the first steps with prudence as there were alot of difficult ideas to realize in a world that was not familiar for us. We made these early steps without marketing strategies, without crowdfunding experiences, in truth, we found our true force in the people who loved Marco. The donations arrived without us asking for anything, the fans of Marco subscribed to the foundation and supported our ideas. and on April 2012 we obtained the diciture Onlus.From April 2012, 4 years have now passed. Four years comprised of events for Sic, solidarity races , motion assembles , motor rallies and bike events that were done in Marco’s honour, prizes and auctions put to sign. With the money raised, we have supported several beautiful projects in helping them to be realised. The Foundation has grown in size, but we remain the same with our hearts and with the same big ambitions. We are not perfect. But maybe it is our force, to feel part of a big family, with the same people who helped us at the beginning and who every year support us , not only because they like us, but they believe in what the foundation does in Marco’s name and memoryWe will not change the world, we are small drops in the ocean, but we like to dream big, because in the end the illusion is the luxury of the youth and we are still very young.

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