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Luna Mars Animal Project Inc is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to foster the safe adoption and long-term care of shelter and street companion animals. The primary way LMAP plans to accomplish its goals is through the development of a permanent sanctuary network to house unadoptable or hard to adopt companion animals. LMAP’s aim is to find homes for every adoptable animal and provide a happy healthy home for all those that cannot be adopted.

We believe that many animals simply need more time to find the right forever home and we want to give them that time. Toward this end, LMAP has developed a plan for a sanctuary network where these animals could live cage free in an environment that, as closely as possible, mimics a real home. Our network would work closely with local rescue groups and community shelters to develop plans to reduce the number of animals euthanized annually and help support local efforts towards this end, such as TNR programs.

We hope to have the first permanent sanctuary location established by mid-2021. While we work to establish the sanctuary network, LMAP has also partnered with community fosters and currently supports the care of over 100 animals. The majority of these are senior or special needs animals ranging from kittens to 18-year-old seniors. We have found that these are the most often overlooked animals in shelters.

In addition to caring for our animals, LMAP supports community shelters around the country as well as grassroots rescue organizations by providing valuable support resources such as help with transport, community outreach and rescue management. Our goal is to bring a broad range of resources together to help as many shelter and street animals as possible. Once a permanent sanctuary is established LMAP could provide emergency housing during natural disasters as well as onsite support during relief efforts.

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