Little Baby Face Foundation

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The Little Baby Face Foundation: Changing Faces, Changing Lives

We transform the lives of children born with debilitating facial deformities through world-class reconstructive surgery. We strive to reach children in need worldwide in providing them with life-transforming surgeries, regardless of their race, religion or ability to pay.

Since 2002, the Little Baby Face Foundation has transformed over 500 children. World-class surgeons donate their time and expertise to change children's lives forever.

Did you know:
* LBFF has completed 500+ surgeries & procedures on children from 20 nations
* 100 world-renowned doctors, surgeons & nurses have volunteered
* Over $3.5 million dollars and counting in donated time & services
* Our partner hospitals have donated 300+ operating rooms & services
* 80% of the children we serve are from the U.S.

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