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L'Ecole Des Enfants, Inc

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L’Ecole Des Enfants, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting awareness of, and actively resolving, the tumultuous conditions facing young children in the Ivory Coast and surrounding West African nations. In the Ivory Coast, a country still reeling from a civil war in 2011, children face malnutrition and a lack of access to basic education. With 46% of the population of the Ivory Coast living below the poverty line, children are often the first to suffer despite having the most to lose. We seek to address these issues by building schools in underserved areas. Our schools will provide a safe space for children to receive basic education, learn practical life skills, and receive one hot meal per day.

In addition to the traditional elementary curriculum, students will have access to lessons that will assist them in becoming self-sustaining individuals, such as lessons in agricultural skills and the arts. By targeting young children, we will lay the foundation for a new generation to become self-sustaining and create a new reality for themselves and their families. We will begin our work in the Ivory Coast: we have already begun construction on a school in Bouake, the second-largest city in the Ivory Coast with a large discrepancy between the population of youth and available elementary school opportunities. Once we have established our school(s) in the Ivory Coast, L’Ecole Des Enfants may expand to neighboring West African countries where local children face similar adversity.

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