The Institute for the Development of Earth Awareness

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IDEA, The Institute for the Development of Earth Awareness, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit think tank and educational organization working at the intersection of human, animal and environmental issues. IDEA works to develop new paradigms in bioethics, which change the way society views and interacts with animals and nature. IDEA utilizes the arts in its work for a healthful, humane and sustainable future.

IDEA’s diverse programmatic initiatives include: • Book publishing; and IDEA’s Adopt-A-Library Program, donating our groundbreaking books to underserved libraries • Nutrition Literacy & Education materials for at-risk, underserved populations • Expert policy analysis and consulting services including on environment, bioethics, bee preservation, food ethics & agricultural policy, and public health issues • Healing protocols for abused animals & animals in sanctuary • Animal rescue • Land and habitat preservation

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