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HealthCorps is a 501(c)(3) founded in 2003 by Dr. Mehmet Oz and his wife Lisa Oz to help teens grow mentally strong and physically fit and give them the tools they need to live more productive and happier lives. We offer two programs – an in-school program we refer to as the “Living Lab” and a train the trainer program referred to as HealthCorps University or HCU. To date, the organization has impacted 2.5 million students and educators in the U.S. across a network of 340 school and sites in 22 states.

For over fifteen years, HealthCorps has placed full-time Coordinators in high-need high schools across the nation to deliver a skills-based curriculum in nutrition, physical activity and mental resilience. The school sites serve as Living Labs through which engage with today’s teens – many of whom are teens in crisis, who are impacted by feelings of loneliness, anxiety, depression, opioid addiction, obesity and other major health issues. Our Coordinators work with students and the school community to provide support that is as disruptive as the incredible challenges teens face today, which didn’t even exist one generation before. Through the Living Labs we help to discover solutions that can be replicated nationwide.

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