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Tarp Foundation & Make The World A Better Place

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The Tarp Foundation, founded by Kenneth Bridges, was created to give inner city kids and adults an education in money management and an opportunity for careers in accounting, book keeping and financial management, partnered with Make The World A Better Place.

The backstory of Make the World A Better Place:

When she was in the third grade, Shawn Dettenmaier watched her friend across the street loose her home to foreclosure. Devastated, and with Christmas around the corner, she came up with a plan to give houses to the homeless for the holidays. Financially, buying houses wasn’t possible but with her parents, she worked up an idea to start by giving Christmas to people who don’t have houses and for eight years now, Shawn’s foundation has provided Christmas to thousands of children supported by social services. (Google The Combat Radio Christmas event to see this) She delivers meals, presents and supplies to children (some homeless) and their families who are struggling…

This organization has also adopted several shelters in Sylmar, Santa Clarita and Canoga Park California. They have worked to fill the food banks and have set up regular relief efforts on 9th and Gladys (Downtown LA) and on Skid Row where they deliver food, clothes, hygiene kits and more….

This organization has also, provided everything from school supplies to Halloween costumes to children on ‘the fringe’ to help them remain part of society….

And the work continues, they are currently putting together a jobs program and continue to work to help make things better for those that are less fortunate than others.

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