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BYKIDS believes that we can understand the world's challenges -- and how to best meet them -- through the personal stories of young people. BYKIDS is a global movement that uses storytelling through film to inform, engage and inspire action. BYKIDS provides kids around the world with the training and the video cameras to make short documentaries about their lives. Renowned filmmakers mentor these young people in the art of filmmaking.

Through innovative distribution platforms - including streaming into classrooms by Discovery Education, screenings by the Film at Lincoln Center, the UN Association of NY, and, notably, an upcoming national series on Public Television - BYKIDS films enable fresh perspectives on issues from poverty, disease, displacement, civil war, repression, to access to education and tolerance to be experienced by a global community. Millions of people are joining our movement, seeing our films, developing and engaging with our educational curriculum and supporting the production of a new series of films.

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