Nov 17, 2021
Great Leaders are Great Leaders. Period.
Nonprofit leaders don’t get the credit they deserve, and that is unacceptable. This year, Charitybuzz is stepping up to change this perspective.
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Nonprofit leaders don’t get the credit they deserve, and that is unacceptable. These people dedicate their talents to making a difference, putting in their blood, sweat, and tears to important causes. Despite their impressive skills and experience, leaders of charitable organizations have always been considered “less than” their for-profit counterparts for reasons that are illogical and outdated. This year, Charitybuzz is stepping up to change this perspective. 

We recently launched our flagship Entrepreneur Auction, which, over the years, has featured the brightest minds in business, including Bill Ackman, Mark Cuban, Bozoma Saint John, Richard Branson, Marc Benioff, Lori Greiner, and many more. The 2021 auction is no different – we’re featuring access to the brightest, most exciting leaders, offering time with them to drive new funding to charitable organizations. However, what is different this year is that we’re putting cause leaders front and center, alongside their for-profit peers, right where they have long deserved to be. 

Adding the “Cause Leadership” category to our Entrepreneur Auction makes a statement that we stand behind wholeheartedly: successful leaders are successful leaders, regardless of an organization’s tax status. It doesn’t make any sense to discount the work of organizations like, WhyHunger, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, and ACLU SoCal and their executives simply because of their mission. If anything, they deserve more credit. We’re tasking these people with solving the world’s most complex challenges. This requires running major organizations working toward aggressive goals and operating with inadequate resources more often than not.

The extraordinary people participating in our Cause Leaders auction are the ones directly driving our ability to overcome these daunting challenges. At Charitybuzz, we know firsthand how amazing these people are, having worked closely with them for the past 10+ years. We’ve always been in awe of the impact they can drive within any circumstances. Their dedication to cause is not only admirable but necessary within our society. 

That’s why we’re joining Giving Tuesday this year – for the first time – to shed light on these leaders, give them the credit they deserve, and support their respective nonprofit organizations. Charitybuzz has been relentlessly committed from day one to finding, creating, and optimizing ways to raise more funds for cause. By putting our dynamic, inspiring nonprofit leaders up on the site alongside their corporate peers, we’re not only bringing in more funds for essential impact but also speaking up boldly to say: great leaders are great leaders, period.

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