Jan 3, 2022
From CEO Ben Erwin: The Value of Values
"That’s the thing about company values – they evolve along with us. The specific application of each value may change over time, but the values themselves remain as clear and vital as ever."
Team Charitybuzz
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Charitybuzz had two of its best years ever post-pandemic – we’ve added new verticals and completely new revenue streams to our business. We’ve generated more charitable funds than ever to support our cause mission. By all accounts, we’re doing very well. And yet, there’s never been a more crucial time for us to dig in and keep pushing forward. We’re not sitting back or slowing down – rather the opposite. 

Our mission and model position us distinctly and exclusively at the intersection of three converging macro trends: 

  • Marketplaces are the future of all commerce, with e-commerce leading the way. B2C marketplaces are forecasted to generate $4.7 trillion in sales by 2025, accounting for 61% of all B2C sales (v. 53% in 2020).
  • Eighty-six percent of consumers want to purchase from a purpose-driven company. People want to purchase with cause, and that preference is more prevalent as new generations accumulate spending power.
  • More than ever, people are seeking to spend their money on experiences rather than on items. Seventy-six percent of consumers prefer to spend on experiences over material goods. 

The opportunity is immense, and the experience and assets Charitybuzz has cultivated over the past 15 years uniquely position us to take advantage of this opportunity entirely. But how do we really get there? What is going to guide each decision along this path? For us, the answer is definitive: impact, inclusion, partnership, integrity, relentlessness, and boldness. Our company values have led us to this point and will continue to guide us.

The purpose of our business will always be to generate positive impact. We could grow into the largest marketplace in the world, but we’ll never stray from our original mission of channeling new funds into the social good space. Our core value, “focus on impact,” is multi-layered. Beyond the benefit of contributing to society, a purpose-driven company brings employees the opportunity to collaborate toward a shared vision. Our core values tie us together and align us with our ambitious vision of revolutionizing e-commerce for impact. 

All of our company values are in support of generating this impact. We need to be relentless and bold, act with integrity, and embrace inclusion and partnership to keep unlocking new funds for our charitable partners.

The thread tying the values together is our relentlessness. It’s always stood out as the most prominent value to me. From the simplest definition of not giving up to the more nuanced interpretation of challenging ourselves to think outside the box, relentlessness is essential at Charitybuzz. Right now, the value of relentlessness is all about balance. With a growing business, there’s simply no way to do everything, let alone do everything perfectly, so we’re focusing on giving our all to the areas and opportunities that have the highest potential ROI. This core value is not about “working relentlessly.” It is about working relentlessly on the best opportunities for the most value and sustainable results. 

That’s the thing about company values – they evolve along with us. The specific application of each value may change over time, but the values themselves remain as clear and vital as ever. By adhering to our core values in a meaningful way, we’ve built our company culture. They aren’t just words on paper for us. We use these values every day to vet opportunities and make decisions. We’ve turned down many large pieces of business because of our core values, which define who we are – the action, not the words. 

As we look ahead to what is sure to be another "best year yet," our values mean more than ever. The external megatrends and our internal assets put Charitybuzz in a prime position to seize the opportunity to become the leading impact marketplace. Luckily, our values provide the framework for us to stay on track and make the right decisions along this path of progress. 

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