Daniel P. Ryan Foundation in Support of Hope Shines for Shannon

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Hope Shines for Shannon benefits a dear friend, wonderful mother and wife, and amazing person, Shannon (Dalton) Forde. Shannon is 41 years old and was diagnosed on August 2, 2012 with stage IV breast cancer. She has begun treatment, but still works full-time while juggling a family. Shannon is a Jersey Girl, living in Bergen County with her husband, John and two children, Nicholas (4) and Kendall (2). Shannon is focused on healing and has an incredibly positive attitude, but it's hard not to worry about the financial impacts of her diagnosis and treatments. Shannon's friends and family have joined up with two amazing organizations to raise money and support Shannon with the medical expenses as well as her household expenses which have already been impacted since diagnosed. Thank you for supporting a great cause!

Learn more at:   http://www.hopeshinesforshannon.com/