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Outdoor Entertainment at its Best! Own a Fabulous One-of-a-Kind Woody Designed by Brad Ford for Moore & Giles

Your bid supported: Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS
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Donated by: Moore & Giles and Brad Ford
Outdoor entertainment at its best! Own a fabulous one-of-a-kind Woody designed by Brad Ford for Moore & Giles with consultation from Jim Meehan. Outfitted with Moore & Giles leathers, the woody was designed to offer the ultimate in luxury tailgating and showcase the art of high-end entertaining outdoors.

Closed: 162"L x 74"H x 81.5"W
Open: 190"L x 85"H x 81.5"W

  • The exterior of the Woody is crafted from quartered sapele/mahogany and trimmed in white ash.
  • The roof is made from aluminum with fasteners that are stainless steel.
  • The chromed handles are reproductions of vintage car handles from the late 1930’s. The same is true of the 1939 Ford tail lights. The fenders are from a Model A Ford. The Woody also includes vintage wheels and chrome hubcaps.
  • The interior and bar areas are crafted from mahogany and feature panels of cream American Bison Nubuck leather. The back bar of mirror features polished aluminum.
  • Game pockets on the inside are made of Equestrian Cuero leather.
  • The beer keg cooler is copper and trimmed in mahogany.
  • The port hole windows are trimmed in ash.
  • The rear entertainment area is made of mahogany and features panels of cream American Bison Nubuck leather, game pockets in Equestrian Cuero leather and speaker covers in hand-perforated chocolate satin suede as well as a ceiling in mirror in polished aluminum.
  • The Sony television is hidden behind a piece of one way glass trimmed in mahogany.
  • The entertainment area also features a Sony Blu-Ray Player, Golden Ear speakers and components by Parasound.
  • Lighting is provided by low draw LEDs.
  • The leather pillows in the interior are crafted from Doral Praline (1), Shearling Natural (2), Domaine Cypress (1), Domaine Bronze (1).
  • When the bar is pulled out, there is interior padding that comes in three parts to fit over the sliders. It is crafted from thick foam covered in a neutral linen material.
  • 4 leather campaign chairs are included and are crafted from Doral Praline, Shearling Natural, Domaine Cypress and Domaine Bronze leather. The following glassware from Waterford are included: 12 Vintage Pilsner glasses, 8 Lismore Highball glasses, 8 Lismore Old Fashioned Glasses, 8 Lismore Flutes, 8 Lismore Martini, and 8 Lismore Essence White Wine Glasses.

Additional Lot Details
Additional Lot
Woody in condition as donated. At the close of the auction the Woody will be in New York City. Winner will be responsible for all delivery charges, insurance, sales tax and title/registration fee if applicable. International bidders please contact before bidding to see if this item can be shipped to your location. Cannot be resold or re-auctioned.
Lot #285300

About the Charity
the Charity
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Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS
Rules & Regulations
Rules &

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This lot is now closed
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