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Save The Music and are two organizations that both believe in equal access to creative opportunities. We are partnering to bring songwriting and music production labs to more students in schools across the country. We hope to inspire the next generation of creatives so they can pursue their passions and express themselves through music, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Save The Music is a nonprofit that helps kids, schools, and communities realize their full potential through the power of making music. Founded in 1997, Save The Music partners with school districts and raises funds to restore music programs in public schools. Since inception, we have donated over $58 million worth of new instruments, technology and equipment to over 2,159 schools in 276 districts around the country–impacting the lives of countless students.

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SongFarm is a coalition of musicians, educators, and businesses who work collaboratively to enable music creation programs in high schools. These studios give students access to professional music equipment at their own schools, in the context of their own classes. They also provide music educators with the equipment and technology that are requisite to teaching students modern skill sets for music and film industries. SongFarm is committed to providing ongoing curricula, mentorship, and an alumni network that connects all SongFarm participants in the learning process.

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