Rett Syndrome Research Trust

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Imagine your daughter, your sister, and your granddaughter living with the symptoms of autism, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, and scoliosis all at once. Imagine that she developed normally until she was 2 years old. She starts to walk, to say words, to explore the world around her. Then, suddenly, she stops. She loses the ability to balance, use her hands, and speak. Imagine this bright, beautiful little girl that you love becoming trapped in a body that no longer cooperates. 350,000 girls and women live in this tragedy, caused by a random genetic mutation. This is Rett syndrome, and we need your help to cure it. That cure is not an "if", but a "when". Our beneficiary, the Rett Syndrome Research Trust, has made remarkable progress. RSRT has facilitated eight biopharmaceutical companies to develop Rett programs leading to clinical trials. The first trial in gene replacement is launching this year. Your support now moves the needle more than ever toward a cure

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