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MCC Theater


The mission of MCC Theater is to provoke conversations that have never happened and otherwise never would. Our flagship education program, the MCC Theater Youth Company, is predicted on the notion that youth voices are essential to the discussions that we aim to ignite. The Youth Company began seventeen years ago as New York’s first free, after-school company associated with a professional theater. The program inspires and empowers students to develop their artistic voices and engage with their community through theater. The MCC Theater Youth Company is a free, after-school program for New York City high school students interested in developing their acting and dramatic writing skills. Within a creative, challenging, and supportive environment, teenagers from five boroughs participate in weekly workshops (Labs) led by professional theater artists. Our students are encouraged to discover and explore their unique artistic voices as they work together to create and perform original work. Authenticity, originality, energy, honesty, enthusiasm... all of their experiences are essential to the process. Through collaboration, YC members form a supportive ensemble of young artists in an inspiring environment where they are free to experiment, make bold choices, and take risks. Veteran Youth Company members also have the opportunity to work with distinguished professionals in master classes, in which the highest tier of theater experts impart their wisdom, experience, and skills upon our YC members. Past master class leaders have included resident playwright Neil LaBute (Reasons to Be Happy, reasons to be pretty), actor Kristen Johnston (Scarcity, Third Rock From the Sun), actor Barrett Foa (Avenue Q, Drunken City), writer/actor Hunter Bell (Title of Show), and director Jeremy Dobrish (Spain).

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