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VARIETY CARES™ is a creative non-profit foundation that ties together a like-minded community of worldwide travelers who share the notion that 'to travel is to immerse yourself, with the destination and her people at heart. VARIETY CARES, supports initiatives that fight for clean oceans, gender equality and education for all, creating, cruise by cruise, a better world at sea.

Both Variety Cares and Variety Cruises bring together a like-minded community of travellers from around the world who travel with their hearts, sharing the idea that traveling is immersing yourself in a destination and its people.

“We don’t believe in giving back; we believe in giving.” So said Lakis Venetopoulos, the second generation to run this family-owned, small-ship cruising company founded by his father, Diogenes, in 1949. Today, Filippos Venetopoulos is the third generation to run the company. As CEO of Variety Cruises he is redefining the concept of “home at sea” with an invitation to “Experience transformation in just seven days.” Each journey is not a cruise but an odyssey that uses small vessels to enter small ports around the globe, offering the opportunity to learn about, and explore, the true identity of a destination, while providing the comforts and unique benefits of small ship sailing. Today, Variety Cruises boasts the number one fleet of small ships, hosting no more than 72 guests on board, and all their ships adhere to the latest International "Safety of Life at Sea" (SOLAS) standards to ensure guest safety. Among their various efforts, Variety Cruises has launched a program where five (5) euros of every guest's cruise purchase goes towards their philanthropic organization, VARIETY CARES, a creative nonprofit foundation that supports initiatives striving for clean oceans, gender equality, and education for all, creating a better world at sea one cruise at a time. Both Variety Cares, and Variety Cruises bring together a like-minded community of worldwide voyagers who travel from the heart, sharing the notion that to travel is to immerse oneself in a destination and its people.

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