Resonance Collective

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The Resonance Collective exists to inspire and nurture the collective spirit of Los Angeles and beyond by expanding our understanding of the arts as a sacred and mystical experience, through the creation and performance of innovative and adventurous music.

We further this mission through three methods: creation , curation, and education.

The Resonance Collective is not a religious group and we ascribe to no set of specific beliefs; rather, we are a spiritual community of artists, or perhaps an artistic group of seekers. Wherever you find yourself on that spectrum, you are welcome to explore with us as we aim to intertwine our artistic and spiritual practice while considering the question, "what is sacred music?"Our goal is to cultivate curiosity and bring a sense of sacredness to our creative lives in an inspiring and supportive social environment.

When you attend a Resonance Collective event you are not just an audience member but an active participant, and we welcome your involvement as a member of this artistic community.

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