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NYC Outward Bound Schools

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For almost 30 years, NYC Outward Bound Schools has been transforming schools and changing lives by bringing out the best in students, teachers and school leaders throughout New York City. We operate a citywide network of public schools, in partnership with the City’s Department of Education, which primarily target students from underserved neighborhoods. Our educational approach delivers academic rigor through active, real-world learning, develops character skills, inspires students to serve their communities, and instills in them the grit to overcome challenges. Our graduates succeed in more than just college and careers – they’re active citizens who make their communities better for all.

To further extend our impact, we also reach students and schools outside of our network through our Adventure & Team Building programs and targeted professional development for teachers in our Associate Schools. Both our schools and our programs impart the central lesson of Outward Bound: that with the right mix of challenge and support, all individuals, regardless of background or circumstance, can achieve at higher levels than they previously thought possible.

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