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Lidè is an educational initiative in rural Haiti that uses the arts and literacy to empower at-risk adolescent girls and help them transition into school or vocational training. Established by Author Holiday Reinhorn, Actor Rainn Wilson and Executive Director Dr. Kathryn Adams in response to the devastating earthquake of 2010, the Lidè program seeks to uplift women and girls who have been denied equal access to education. Lidè trains and employs Haitian teachers and collaborates with grassroots schools and programs, such as “Smallholder Farmers Alliance”, “Fonkozé”, and “H.E.L.P.” In Lidè programs participants gain life and leadership skills and helps foster the community support they need to begin their educational journey

Rainn Wilson and his wife, Holiday Reinhorn, are the founders of LIDÈ Haiti. Working across multiple communities in rural Haiti with 800 adolescent girls and differently abled youth, LIDE takes a whole person approach to girls empowerment and resiliency through programs that:

• develop their capacity in the creative arts
• teach them to learn to read and advance their literacy level
• support their educational development through scholarships and tutoring
• strengthen their mental and physical health
• and empower them to successfully transition from adolescence to adulthood in the context of an environment where abuse is pervasive

These programs together allow girls to find their voices, thrive and ultimately become actively engaged participants in their communities.

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