Clooney Foundation For Justice

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The Clooney Foundation for Justice (CFJ) advocates for justice through accountability for human rights abuses around the world.

We believe that justice means fighting for the rights of individuals unfairly targeted by oppressive governments through the courts: this is what we do through our TrialWatch program. And we work to expose the corruption that fuels grave human rights violations through our other flagship programs: The Sentry, which ‘follows the dirty money’ of human rights abusers to ensure that they face financial consequences through sanctions and other measures; and The Docket, which aims to trigger criminal prosecutions and civil claims against individual and corporate actors who profit from war crimes and human rights abuse.

But justice is more than what is meted out in courts, it is litigated in communities as well. Advancing the cause of justice also means advancing justice for marginalized and vulnerable communities targeted by hate; justice for displaced children deprived of opportunities to learn; justice for refugees seeking to rebuild their lives abroad. Through our projects for marginalized communities, we have partnered with organizations that help to educate refugees, reunite children separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border, and litigate against groups that commit hate-crimes in the United States.

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