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A SENSE OF HOME (ASOH) steps in when a foster youth ages out of the foster care system and federal and state support abruptly ends. In LA County alone, each year, 3,200 youth “age out”. With no family or community to set up their first home, these youth may secure a roof over their head but with nothing in it to make it feel like “home”, they struggle to surge a path forwards.

We all have too much stuff! Donating and repurposing these wonderful items, ASOH volunteers furnish a former foster youth’s apartment to create the foundation needed to thrive. The ASOH experience not only offers the youth a new beginning, a sense of “home” and belonging — but a community that is invested in them succeeding .

In 2015 ASOH will create 300 homes in LA county. And in 2016 ASOH will move across the country. ASOH is under the umbrella of the Edwards Charles Foundation.

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