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Find Yourself on a Life-Altering Journey with the Vista Caballo Signature Experience in Dove Creek, CO

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Rules & Regulations
Donated by: Lisa Arie and Vista Caballo
This package includes: three transformative days with Lisa Arie at Vista Caballo, followed by 28 days in an interactive web-based adventure to complete your personal journey.

The abstract has never been so tangible. Vista Caballo. Where your game becomes real.

There are retreats. And then there are advances.

Vista Caballo is a self-discovery center for a new breed of leaders, thinkers, and explorers ready for evolutionary change. It is not a place where you come to relax and rehash your current level of self-awareness around a campfire. And it most certainly is not a dude ranch, spa, or conference center.

Your experience at Vista Caballo is ultra-exclusive, private, and one-of-a-kind. You will be the only guest on the 160-acre ranch. There is no light pollution, no traffic, no TV, no technology, no distraction. Deep, luxurious sleep awaits. Here you can identify those nagging, niggling intangibles that are holding you back from connecting with the trajectory of your life. Here you can have an epiphany of a lifetime.

You will spend three transformative days with Lisa Arie undergoing a carefully orchestrated, personalized, and visceral exchange to dynamically unlock your next level of development, leading to a new level of power and purpose so that you can confidently and enthusiastically step into your most superlative self. Afterward, you will return home, and spend five laser-like minutes a day for 28 days in an interactive web-based adventure to complete your personal journey.

The profound, quantifiable, and sustainable result will be a powerful new edge based on your existing strengths. An edge that will allow you to begin harnessing previously hidden sources of energy, innovation, creativity, and a life of new possibilities. It's as simple-- and intricate-- as that.

Lisa Arie is a master at navigating the unknown. She's done it all her life. The former founder and CEO of two multi-million dollar companies, Lisa learned at a very young age how to wake up in a world without context, and thrive. Today, Lisa is an author and the founder of Vista Caballo, and draws clients from around the world-- people who have accomplished much and want to take their game to a whole new level. Lisa helps Vista Caballo guests activate their own innate instinctual intelligence and access a fuller range of responses they had no idea existed.

Additional Lot Details
Additional Lot
The winning bidder is required to be in 100% good health, providing their full and undivided attention to perform all activities. Vista Caballo does not allow participants who may be impaired due to medication, drug or alcohol use, and reserves the right at its sole discretion to refuse the participation of any individual in this experience found not in compliance with these regulations. Valid for one guest only. Must be redeemed during Vista Caballo's season and is subject to availability; restrictions may apply. Adults only. Cannot be resold or re-auctioned. Does not include airfare or other transportation.
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About the Charity
the Charity
Christie's Green Auction: A Bid to Save the Earth

Rules & Regulations
Rules &

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This lot is now closed
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