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Kentucky to the World

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When you see the word “Kentucky”, what first comes to mind? It’s usually a lot of B’s. Basketball, bourbon, bluegrass, and even betting. But there’s one B that’s most often overlooked -- “brains”. Kentucky To the World (KTW) is determined to change that! By highlighting the good in the state of Kentucky, we strive to uplift the people and perception of our state, at home and around the world. So how do we do this? We feature extraordinary people with strong Kentucky ties sharing their incredible accomplishments and how their Kentucky roots enabled their success, whether on stage, in our student program, on KET, on our website or featured on our Instagram. The stories we share illuminate the heart and soul of what it means to be Kentuckians. Through our efforts, Kentucky to the World is dedicated to inspiring everyone – no matter their age, geography or circumstance – to promote a positive narrative about Kentucky and, in turn, become catalysts for change themselves.

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