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The Music in Me Foundation International


The Music in Me Foundation, International believes that every child has a special gift or "superpower" inside, just waiting to be unleashed. The organization is a woman owned and minority operated 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to empowering youth through their special brand of empowerment, anti-bullying and literacy programs that help young people discover their special strengths through various forms of storytelling, music, visual and performing arts. The Music in Me's innovation is truly a first of it’s kind, which is a holistic approach to education that reaches ALL students through the arts. It’s multi-modality method uses a multitude of learning styles and communication approaches so that students can learn in the way they’re wired.

Please listen to our song, "Superpowers!," which is being released as part of a national anti-bullying movement. The 40 grade-to-middle school children singing on the track attend one of the most challenged schools in the DC Metro Area. These talented rockstars have derived empowerment and success through the foundation's programs. Enjoy and listen here.

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