Silverlake Independent JCC

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The Silverlake Independent Jewish Community Center (SIJCC) is a model for modern Jewish communal life in Los Angeles, redefining what Jewish engagement and expression look like on a personal, interpersonal, and communal level. The heart and soul of our work is fostering deep connections among people, in which radical care, compassion, and meaning informed by Jewish values and heritage are prioritized.

The Center has been a beacon of cultural exploration and educational excellence in the neighborhood for over 65 years. As an island of belonging in this bustling city, SIJCC is committed to carving out creative, thoughtful, and fun spaces for our community to gather. Together we have formed a close-knit tribe of friends and family in this vast city

We lovingly welcome people of all backgrounds and provide an eclectic array of cultural and educational programs for all ages, infants to adults. Our Center currently reaches thousands of people through our core programs and events, as well as through the supplementary programming offered on our campus and through our network. It is a key goal of SIJCC to serve as a valuable resource in every way we can for each and every community member who relies on us or turns to us for support. SIJCC is your home for ideas, culture, and belonging.

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