The Our Baseball Life Foundation

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The mission of the Our Baseball Life Foundation is to provide direct support to members of the professional baseball community and to partner with charitable organizations to give back to the communities in which we play.

After coming together as a group to provide emotional and financial assistance following many unexpected tragedies and circumstances, we needed a better solution to provide help to these families. Contrary to what is shown in the media, not every professional athlete is wealthy. So when faced with large medical bills, an unexpected death of a spouse, or even a total shutdown of the industry, many families require help.

Through the OBL Foundation, we are in a unique position to provide support and ease their burdens.

We are also able to mobilize our members to serve the communities in which we play through partnerships and special fundraising events.

We want to uplift those who may need a little extra help after being handed a set of rough circumstances. Whether that be due to a medical diagnosis leading to mounting bills or a tragic event resulting in loss of life or property, we are here to help.

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