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Mentor Foundation USA


Every young person has a right to safety, wellbeing, and happiness in life. Mentor Foundation USA exists to help youth realize their potential and avoid substance abuse. There are 8.5 million youth in the U.S. without a caring adult in their life. At Mentor we listen, guide and provide meaningful opportunities for youth that bridge the gap between school and professional life. We also Shatter the Myths that youth have about drugs and alcohol and we provide them a platform to speak up and out. HM Queen Silvia of Sweden established Mentor International in 1994 in collaboration with The World Health Organization. Since then, the organization has grown to provide support to youth in over 80 countries reaching more than 6 million children. Mentor International, together with Mentor Foundation USA and the other Mentor organizations around the world, is the leading international not-for-profit network empowering youth and preventing substance abuse.

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