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Jazz Aspen Snowmass & Jake Foerster Music Arts Fund

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Jazz Aspen Snowmass (JAS) and the Jake Foerster Music Arts Fund (JFMAF) are two organizations with missions in music education that have recently partnered to increase awareness and reach of the existing JFMAF Scholarship Fund, and to co-present new programming creating more opportunities for local students in Colorado to expand their drive and expertise in the medium of sound.

JAS Mission: is to present and preserve jazz and related forms of music through world-class events, performances and education programs.

JFMAF Mission: is to help support high school graduates with exceptional promise in the medium of sound. The fund seeks individuals who are dedicated to their talents, committed to continue their education and share some of the personal traits of Jake: enthusiasm for the creation of music, an appetite for adventure and an unending love for his friends, family and community.

This auction will be up and active at JAS and JFMAS’ partnership event: the Sonic Showdown, taking place Saturday, May 19 from 2-5pm at The Temporary in Basalt. A reincarnation of the popular JAS Band Battle, the Sonic Showdown will showcase talented Roaring Fork Valley students in a variety of musical forms: bands, DJs, solo artists, rappers, etc. Free and open to the public, all proceeds from this auction will go directly to raise funds for the scholarship program.

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