Episcopal Day School, Inc.

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For over five decades, Episcopal Day School has been committed to the idea that children are the sum of three parts: mind, body, and spirit. Thinking holistically, each one of these attributes melds with the other two, creating the remarkable persona of an Episcopal Day School student. All three aspects are significant, valued, and flourish beginning with an exceptional preschool program and culminating with the 5th grade.

We place students at the center of the educational experience each day and in the midst of a tight-knit school community that has a shared love of learning. With small class sizes (the average student to teacher ratio is 12:1), our talented faculty can devote additional time to curriculum development and student success. We inspire our students to think boldly, follow their curiosities, communicate their ideas, collaborate with their peers, and be actively engaged in the learning process. This was true of Episcopal Day School in 1959, and it is true today.

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