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Catalina Film Institute


The charitable mission of the Catalina Film Institute is to champion IMAGINATION, EDUCATION and DESTINATION with year-round film workshops, industry panels and inspiring events! We are a California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation comprised of industry professionals that love film, the creative process, and the story-tellers that create thought-provoking film and new media. Or goal is to help foster the growth of these creative story-tellers worldwide, but also celebrate, promote and educate on this art-form within film and the film-making process (utilizing all the stages of creation, its components, mediums and distribution channels). Our Southern California public outreach focuses on providing hands-on educational-based events and workshops, working with like-minded organizations also geared towards this focus, and offering an outlet to our film-minded community of individuals, students, professionals and organizations. With tremendous passion for our namesake resort island, Catalina, we are focused on that same mission while also contributing to the betterment of its off-season economic stimulus, community of residents, charitable organizations, and the island’s rich and long-standing film history.

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