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Niche Media Presents "Art of the City"

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Premier luxury, lifestyle publishing company Niche Media presents Art of the City – an integrated, multi-media program that celebrates and promotes the most talented, buzz-worthy emerging artists across the U.S. and features their original works as cover art for each of the publishing company’s 9 city-specific titles.

From coast to coast, Niche Media takes its affluent, culturally-sophisticated audience deep within the artistic core of Aspen, Austin, Boston, Washington, D.C., New York and the Hamptons, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia, and Las Vegas to spotlight local artists who are also making strides across the national and international stage.

Profiled artists include Linda Girvin (Aspen Peak), Beili Liu (Austin Way), Maggie Michael (Capitol File), Melinda Hackett (Hamptons), Fallen Fruit (Los Angeles Confidential), Hebru Brantley (Michigan Avenue), Jillian Mayer (Ocean Drive), Charles Burwell (Philadelphia Style) and JK Russ (Vegas).

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