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Animals for Adoption

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Animals for Adoption (AFA) is a shelter located in the Hudson Valley. Operating for 25 years AFA has worked tirelessly to rewrite the rules of sheltering. We go beyond taking dogs in and adopting them out, but also creating innovative programs that benefit our community. Our widely praised shelter model is centered on “dogs and people working together”. We are dedicated to not only improving the lives of the dogs that come into our care, but creating more humane communities for dogs and people alike. Our programs are dedicated to promoting and celebrating the most positive and rewarding qualities that bond people and dogs-resiliency, kindness, forgiveness and fun!

Today, we offer an array of unique programs that allow us to save more dogs and benefit our community including a partnership, since 2014, with Green Chimneys, a residential school for special-needs children in Brewster, NY. The dog interaction program enables students to be involved in the everyday care, training and socialization of shelter dogs. Since 2016, a partnership with a prison located in Eastern Pennsylvania. Our program "A Dog's Tale from Jail" has allowed inmates to take an active role in fostering and caring for dogs in need, creating a calming influence and renewed sense of responsibility for the inmates participating in the program. For our dogs with the most exceptional temperaments we have been recruited by a veteran's assistance organization to have our dogs serve and provide support to our nation's veterans who are returning from active combat.

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