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Star in a Remake of Your Favorite Movie or TV Scene in LA

Your bid supported: California Art Foundation
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Rules & Regulations
Donated by: California Art Foundation

Have you ever wanted to feel like a movie or television star? Now you can! This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live your dream as the star of your favorite movie or TV scene.

First, you will select your favorite film or TV scene. Then, you will contact us and place a bid. After you win the auction, you and a guest will rehearse the script in Los Angeles for your debut appearance as the star of your favorite movie or TV scene.

Next, a production crew will stage and shoot your scene with you as the lead (and your guest playing a supporting role)! After filming concludes, the editor will produce a professional quality video of your performance that will be yours to treasure forever.

You can screen the video for your family and friends in a private residence or you can share the video with millions of your new fans on social media. Alternatively, you can compensate your favorite movie theater to host a screening of your film.

You will revel in a truly limitless cinematic experience that will be delivered with the utmost sensitivity that will surpass your highest expectations. The production team will push the envelope to create a video of unparalleled scope and scale for you - the discerning client. The acclaimed filmmakers will proudly offer you a cinematic adventure that will redefine what a luxury experience should be.

Are you ready to create an eternal memory? Great. Let’s fast forward. Lights. Camera. Bid!

Bidders must contact Charitybuzz at prior to placing a bid to confirm whether or not the donor can accommodate your movie scene choice.

  • Experience expires on May 30, 2019.

Additional Lot Details
Additional Lot
  • Bidder must submit 3 or more Movie Scene choices for the Production Team to choose from. The more choices to choose from, the better.
  • This experience is valid for up to 2 people only.
  • The winning bidder must be at least 21, but the guest can be a minor. The winner may bring additional guests to be featured as extras but will be financially responsible for additional parties.
  • Auction Winner will assume all costs for the Production that will include but may not be limited to Rentals, Food, Props, Costume, Make Up, Location Fees, Set Workers, Actors, Extras, Lights, Cameras, Technical and Mechanical Apparatus, Equipment Rentals, Technical Services, Creative Services, Costs, Insurance, and Fees
  • Extras will not be guaranteed a speaking role. The total number of actors/extras in the scene will not exceed the number of actors in original scene. If the winning bidder is unable to provide the appropriate number of extras, the production team will make an effort to recruit local actors to fulfill the appropriate roles.
  • Charitybuzz will not process the winner’s payment until the bidder’s scene has been approved by the Filmmakers.
  • Every effort will be made to accommodate the winner’s favorite scene. However, some scenes may be rejected. In the event your scene is declined, bidders must submit alternative scene selections.
  • Winning Bidder cannot select a scene that includes: Computer Generated Images, Animation, Hand Drawn Sets, nudity, or sex scenes. Violence must be simulated. Prop weapons will be substituted for real weapons. Stunt scenes often require costly permits and as a result may be rejected. Should a stunt permit be secured, the winner must sign a waiver before the stunt is shot.
  • Filming can start 15 days after winner’s complete payment is received. However, if your scene is particularly complex, filming may start 180 days after the auction has ended because substantial preparations may be needed to complete the overall experience (ex: obtain permits, procure costumes, cast extras, scout locations, etc.).
  • The production team will select a location that is comparable in Los Angeles for film settings that are fictional or are set in a city other than Los Angeles.
  • The scene will be edited and delivered to the winner 90 days after the last shoot day.
  • The winner must be flexible and patient in all aspects of this production. This may include delays and/or short notice. 
  • Casting will be at the discretion of the crew.
  • Pre-Approved Costs will be paid for by the production team.
  • The production team will have ‘Final Cut Approval.’
  • All scene revisions must be approved by the production team. All scene details are left to the creative/technical discretion and direction of the Filmmakers.
  • Filming duration is dependent on the length of the scene and number of takes.
  • Food and beverages will not be offered on Set. It is the Winner’s responsibility to eat before arriving on set. Alternatively, the Winner can order food/beverages on set via Delivery App (ex: Uber Eats, etc.) or Room Service.
  • The original talent and production teams will not be involved.
  • Winner is welcome to compensate a movie theater of their choosing and screen their film at their convenience.
  • Film is not valid for an IMDB credit.
  • Film is valid for personal use only.
  • Commercial use is strictly prohibited.
  • Winning Bidder cannot sell tickets or accept any form of remuneration.
  • The Winner cannot photograph or film the production team without their written permission.
  • Winner and all of his Guests must sign a Production Confidentiality Agreement.
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About the Charity
the Charity
California Art Foundation

Rules & Regulations
Rules &

The minimum processing and handling charge for this item is $9.95.

The minimum shipping, handling and applicable insurance charge for non-tangible items is $9.95. Detailed redemption information will be emailed to the winning bidder. The minimum shipping charge for hard copies of tickets and certificates is $14.95. The minimum shipping charge for merchandise is $19.95 (shipments outside the U.S. are subject to additional shipping and customs fees). Tickets, certificates and merchandise are typically shipped with signature required, unless otherwise specified, via professional carrier. In some cases, tickets will be left at the venue's "Will Call" window under the winner's name. Merchandise is insured for the winning amount.

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This lot is now closed
But, have no fear.
We have a lot more for you to explore.
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