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Gold-Plated Piano Used to Perform Lady Gaga and Mark Ronson's Golden Globe-Winning Song, "Shallow"

Your bid supported: "Gold Meets Golden" Auction to benefit Angel City Sports
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Rules & Regulations
Donated by: Gold Meets Golden / CW3PR

The GOLD-plated piano -- used to perform Mark Ronson, Lady Gaga and Billy Porter’s Golden-Globe winning “Shallow” song -- is brand new and only used this one time!

The piano is a premium Asian piano... it's a Hardman 158, 5'3" baby grand with bench. This brand was the official piano of the Metropolitan Opera in NY in the early part of the 20th century. It has an elegant European look with spade legs and wide casters.

It has GERMAN felts for the hammers for a mellow, rich tone. The Hardman has a sostenuto pedal - a feature found only on high end pianos. The piano has a wonderfully light and fast action. The Hardman piano was the official piano in the White House during FDR's presidency.

This piano was donated to Gold Meets Golden, an annual event hosted by Nicole Kidman, Nadia Comaneci, and a variety of top Hollywood Celebrities and Professional and Olympic Athletes coming together to raise funds for sports-related causes. This year's charity was the Angel City Sports Foundation who provide needed equipment, coaching and other resources to young disabled children who have a dream of becoming future Paralympians.

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About the Charity
the Charity
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"Gold Meets Golden" Auction to benefit Angel City Sports
Our mission is to create sports opportunities for adults, children, and veterans with physical differences and impairments.
Rules & Regulations
Rules &
  • In condition as donated.
  • Cannot be returned or exchanged.

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The approximate range of shipping cost for this item begins at: $2,000.00.

Additional shipping fees will appear as a separate charge after the final cost has been determined. Merchandise is insured for the winning amount and is typically shipped with signature required, unless otherwise specified, via professional carrier.

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This lot is now closed
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