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2 Handmade, Exquisite Belber Pieces, Featuring Famed Belber Vintage Design Elements

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Donated by: Belber

The Reading Messenger in Charcoal / African Blue is an artisan piece that combines the best of two styles!

This uniquely hand-crafted, leather bag gives you the space for your computer and essentials with the mobility of a sleek briefcase. Built on the foundation of heritage design, the Reading Messenger has a light, body friendly, soft structure. The matching Charcoal / African Blue Large 54th St. Travel Wallet, is designed to help you stay organized while you are on the go for business or adventure! It is both large enough to hold all of your important travel documents, but compact enough to stay secure in your preferred traveling bag.

The Large 54th St. Travel Wallet (Charcoal / African Blue) is designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. It features natural grained leather with a cushy soft interior, and enough pockets for all types of cards and foreign currency. The wallet is perfect for passports and other travel documents, and includes zip compartments both inside and out for security and consolidation of your important travel items.

Handcrafted at the Belber workshop, Belber products are created through expert craftsmanship, precision and ultimate attention to detail in the finishing touches: selection of the highest quality natural grain leather, use of traditional saddle making techniques, flawless impeccable stitching. The Reading Messenger (Charcoal / African Blue) is equipped with enough interior for all your phone, computer and essentials, and is the perfect go-to bag for your daily activities (be it on-the-go for business or pleasure). The understated contemporary design and stylish touches include the vintage-style handles designed after Belber historical luggage and corners pieces patterned after the brand’s vintage trunks. The Reading Messenger carries with it an expression of individualism for your daily adventures.

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  • Includes a certificate of authenticity.
  • Size: Medium and Small
  • This piece is new.
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Urban Farming

Creating an abundance of food for people in need by planting, supporting, and establishing gardens on unused land.

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This lot is now closed
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